NSFWBDs React To Aunt Becky Dropping Straps To Get Her Daughter Into USC

By now you’ve heard that Aunt Becky, AKA Lori Laughlin, has been indicted in a college admissions scam that fixed SAT scores and had parents pose students as athletes to open up access to get the kids into schools by paying a middle man. The problem for someone like Aunt Becky is that the Feds were listening to conversations. Yep, the Feds have receipts and it appears Aunt Becky knew exactly how this deal would go down all the way to how she was to react if someone caught on to the scheme.

Now here come the BDs to analyze the situation. There are the FREE AUNT BECKY BDs and the BDs who can’t possibly figure out why Becky would drop $500k on a daughter that just wanted to party her ass off in college and catch half of football games before going partying again.

Of course Aunt Becky didn’t want to be the mom who raised a daughter to be an Instagram star who is on pace to be a Jenner clone. She wanted to have a daughter who went off to college — USC — got a degree like in the old days like the early to mid-90s when Aunt Becky was just out of college. I’m sure all of Lori’s rich AF neighbors had kids going of to top schools. Time to figure out a way to get hers into USC.

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