Meet Ja Morant’s Girlfriend KK Dixon

Murray State’s Ja Morant just might be the 3rd overall pick in the NBA Draft here in a couple of months, but first he gets to play in the NCAA Tournament and try to become an even bigger star with a tournament run as the 12-seed. That means you’re going to be seeing a bunch of Ja Morant over the next couple months and that’s probably going to mean that girlfriend KK Dixon is about to become one of those NBA girlfriend stars you read about who go from obscurity to stardom and everything that comes with it in the NBA.

Dixon had been laying low, but that changed Valentine’s Day when Morant posted a photo with her and the rest is history. Say hello to your 2019 NBA Draft power couple. Green room is coming your way, KK.

Morant’s profile from CBS:

Think John Wall. Think De’Aaron Fox. Think Russell Westbrook. Think the sort of hyper-athletic point guard — the type who could win the NBA dunk contest — who pairs that with an excellent feel for the game. Morant was the first Division I player to average more than 20 points and 10 assists in a season since the assist statistic became official in 1983. According to scouts and executives I’ve spoken with, it’s close to a guarantee that the top three will be some order of the two Duke guys and Morant.

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