Fridge Full Of Busch Light & Bud Light Found In Flooded Nebraska Field…It’s A Miracle!

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There are miracles and then there are miracles that involve a mini fridge in the middle of a Nebraska field flooded by historic rains and the mini fridge is filled with Busch Light and Bud Light just sitting there to be found by a couple of Nebraska guys out checking on their flooded land. I know, you’re trying to wrap your head around this one and you’re thinking this is a Busch & Bud marketing ploy.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say the Busch/Bud team wouldn’t take a chance during a flood to run a marketing program. Might be a little tacky. This one appears to be completely legit and there’s even a happy ending with the fridge. The fridge was flooded out of a cabin and carried into this field where Kyle and Gayland found the pot at the end of the rainbow.

From the Lincoln Journal Star:

By sunset Sunday, Kyle Simpson was wrung out from a full day of cleaning mud and muck from his property on the Platte River.

Now he and his friend had to walk more than a mile in chest waders to get back to their car, dodging debris and ice chunks and washouts in waist-high floodwater.

A perfect time for a cold beer.

And that’s when his friend, Gayland Stouffer, saw what looked like a refrigerator.

The refrigerator door had protected the Busch Light and Bud Light from the floodwaters, so the friends cracked a couple. Simpson took his first-ever selfie. And then they finished trudging back to their car, went home and became internet folk heroes.

By Tuesday, 18 hours after his photos were posted on the Facebook page Nebraska Through the Lens, they’d been shared 4,500 times and liked by 7,500 members. Nearly 300 people left comments, calling it a magic fridge, a pot of gold, a silver lining.

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