Welcome To The 2019 Russian Slap Championship

I’ve seen the future tonight and it’s the sport of slapping. The Siberian Power Show recently went down and provided us with this incredible slap-off won by big boy Vasiliy Kamotskiy who might’ve had a serious advantage with his weight and that beard protecting his cheeks. I haven’t read the rules for the slap-off, but the Russians might want to look into making an old school Cincinnati Reds-like no-beard rule to make this fair.

That said, there’s no arguing that the content out of this production is Grade A material for the Internet and deserves the accolades it’s getting across social. Just watch Vasiliy line up his opponents and then pretty much put them to sleep with his power. It’s mesmerizing.

From the Moscow Times:

Only a tall box stands between the competitors to offer support and balance after each smack. Unlike similar sports like boxing, participants cannot dodge or deflect their opponents’ slaps — they’re required to feel the force of each blow.

The championship’s winner walked away with a 30,000 ruble ($470) prize.

The slapping face-off was part of the Siberian Power Show sports festival, stolitca24.ru reported.

Here’s the full Siberian Power Show 2019 Slap Championship show:


Just look at the art that came out of this event:


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