Drama Brewing Between Johnny Manziel & His Wife?






The big report today from sites such as The Spun, is that Johnny Manziel and his wife Bre Tiesi might’ve hit a rough patch if you believe in the she deleted him off her Instagram and he deleted his Instagram theory. Am I an expert on how to tell if a marriage has hit a rough spot based on social media indicators? I’m not. Maybe Johnny asked her to take him off her IG and go straight modeling. Maybe he just wants to get a clean start in the social world and deleted his presence like JJ Redick.

Look, would I be shocked if Johnny and his wife are donzo? Absolutely not. Think about this for a minute — they got married as John was getting his life back together after the Browns thing ended. He started traveling with Bre and the next minute they were married. Fast-forward to the past couple weeks — she goes off to Bali with girlfriends and Johnny Greyhounds it to Memphis to join the AAF.

I’m sure this will all blow over and Bre will reinstate the Johnny pics after they get the AAF career rolling. These things have a way of working out for the best. Nbd. They’ll be back.

Johnny had this to say at his AAF introduction:

“I guess I’ve just changed the way I used to live life,” Manziel said this week. “I got immersed and lost in a bunch of things that only gave me temporary happiness. (Now) I started focusing on things I really care about: family, football, trying to better my life and have a routine that makes things work and not one that makes things break like they did a couple years ago.”


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