Belmont Radio Guy Kevin Ingram Now Wearing A Coke After Collision

Not the soda!
CBS Sports (@CBSSports) March 21, 2019

That was Belmont University play-by-play radio guy Kevin Ingram who was run over during the Yale-LSU game when Emmitt Williams went into radio row after chasing down a ball. You know what you don’t see very often during March Madness? A radio guy waiting to call the next game who will now be wearing a Coke during his broadcast.

Belmont plays Maryland in the late afternoon game in Jacksonville.

That was @KIngramSports of @WUZ1045 and @BelmontMBB radio crew with a @CocaCola and an @LSUBasketball player in his lap at @marchmadness! Dry up Kevin! 🏀

— Jim Wyatt (@jwyattsports) March 21, 2019

My new friend Emmitt Williams.

— Kevin Ingram (@KIngramSports) March 21, 2019

Kevin got himself all cleaned up and ready to go for his big call today and now he needs a new shirt:

Finishing up my game prep. A tradition unlike any other. #itsbruintime

— Kevin Ingram (@KIngramSports) March 21, 2019


— Chris/Nashville_MMA (@Nashville_MMA) March 21, 2019