Cris Carter…Who Admits To Bounties…Would Have A Problem Being A Vontaze Burfict Teammate

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Cris Carter has had a 3-4 year track record of speaking out about Vontaze Burfict’s on-field antics and has been pretty consistent in his feelings that Burfict is dirty and and on and on. Today on First Take, Carter said that Burfict doesn’t fit the NFL brotherhood mold because he takes dirty shots and the NFL brotherhood doesn’t stand for dirty shots and on and on and on.

In other words, Carter believes Burfict is bad for the NFL and that retirees don’t respect the way he plays because he doesn’t play the right way and Carter wouldn’t be cool being his teammate. All of this is fair game. Fair feelings. Totally fair, CC.

But then you start looking into playing the game the right way and you go back to 2012 when Carter told ESPN Radio that he put bounties on opposing players and was pretty open that Bill Romanowski was one of those guys he put a bounty on.

First, let’s hear from CC this morning on First Things First:

Now let’s go back to 2012 and those bounties comments:

Carter, currently an ESPN NFL analyst, said Tuesday night on “Hill and Schlereth” on ESPN Radio that he would offer money to teammates to take out players he thought were trying to take him out.

“I’m guilty of (bounties) — I mean, first time I’ve ever admitted it — but I put a bounty on guys before,” Carter told show hosts Mike Hill and Mark Schlereth. “I put bounties on guys. If a guy tries to take me out, a guy takes a cheap shot on me? I put a bounty on him right now!”

When asked whether the bounties carried financial incentive, Carter said: “Absolutely.”

The next day CC was in backpedal mode on SportsCenter:

Carter clarified his comments Wednesday morning in an appearance on ESPN’s “SportsCenter,” emphasizing that there was no intent to injure an opponent — as the NFL alleges was the case in the Saints’ “pay for pain” system. Carter acknowledged that using the term “bounty” may have been a poor choice of words on his part.

“The difference is people going out of their way to hurt a player,” Carter said Wednesday, “hitting a spot that we as players know is off limits, like his knees. You’re not telling them to go out and get someone, you’re telling them to protect you, run down the field to protect their skill guys.”

What does that even mean, CC? You paid guys to tell opponents to leave you alone? I’m not buying that line at all. Sure sounds like CC got caught dropping some knowledge during that 2012 interview that he shouldn’t have been talking about and the heat started to get turned up on him.

ESPN turned it into a story and that of course led to CC backpedaling. Too much heat in the kitchen. Anyway, I think CC would’ve kept playing football if Burfict was on his team. I’m sure he played with some bad dudes and let’s not forget that him and Ray Lewis like to dap it up here and there.

And let’s go back even further in CC’s career when he was with the Eagles and there was a little bounty situation in a game against the Cowboys. From

Carter claimed he wasn’t the only one to use bounties during his time in the NFL. Carter was a member of the Philadelphia Eagles for the 1989 Thanksgiving Day game against the Dallas Cowboys — the so-called “Bounty Bowl” — in which Eagles coach Buddy Ryan allegedly put bounties on Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman and kicker Luis Zendejas. The league subsequently investigated that game but couldn’t find proof bounties were used, though Carter said Tuesday he personally witnessed them that day.

“I saw guys getting wiped out, guys going for the money,” Carter said.

Anyway, I conclude that Cris shouldn’t be speaking for the brotherhood of the NFL.

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