Guy Who Dipped His Balls Into Customer’s Salsa Laughs After Pleading Guilty

Remember the guy who dipped his balls into a customer’s salsa during a food delivery run in Knoxville a few weeks ago? He was in court Tuesday and couldn’t help but laugh during the court proceeding, which didn’t go over well with the judge who clearly didn’t think it was funny that Howard Webb dipped his balls in that salsa over a low-ball tip given to his friend who was recording the ball dunking.

From the Knoxville News:

Howard Matthew Webb, 31, pleaded guilty to an amended┬ácharge of misdemeanor assault/offensive touching, and avoided the potential of serving prison time. Webb initially was charged with “adulteration of food, liquids or pharmaceuticals,” a Class C felony.

Webb, however, couldn’t help but chuckle after entering his plea, prompting a stern rebuke from Blount County General Sessions Court Judge Robert Headrick.

“What are you laughing about, Mr. Webb?” Headrick snapped. “There is nothing about this situation I find cute or funny.

Knoxville doesn’t have a very stiff penalty for dipping ones balls into salsa. Webb got 30 days in jail — he’s already served 21 — and will have to pay a $10 fine plus court costs. I know, I laughed at the $10 fine.

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