Coors Vs. Bud Light Beer War Heats Up…Coors Installing Negativity Taps [UPDATE]

From Coors

Coors Light announced today, via an email to my inbox, that they’re installing special beer taps in select cities that will illuminate when Bud Light is being negative and that when the tap illuminates, beer drinkers at that establishment will get a complimentary Coors from the Coors team. That’s right, the Coors vs. Bud Light Beer War has gone to the next level and we’ve entered the tech side of the war.

What started as a corn syrup war during the Super Bowl commercials has now escalated all out into a negativity war where Bud Light going negative will be a win for those of you who drink Coors.

From the Coors marketing department:

Coors Light knows people are tired of the Beer Wars and would rather just enjoy a cold one during March Madness. So, they’re refreshing the conversation by converting Bud Light’s negativity into free beer by creating the first ever Smart Beer Tap, called The Coors Light.

Every time Bud Light says something negative, the smart tap handle lights up in bars across the country. When The Coors Light glows it means the next round is on us.  So, the more Bud Light talks, the more we’ll pour at select locations in New York, Dallas, Philadelphia, Las Vegas and Omaha.

Update from an Anheuser-Busch spokesperson:

Free beer is a good thing. So is talking about the ingredients inside of beer. We continue to remain focused on transparency because we know that is what consumers are looking for. Knowing what is and isn’t in your beer – whether you paid for it or not – can only be good for the beer industry overall.

It’s unclear what will be determined to be negative. Will a simple corn syrup commercial during March Madness trigger the illuminated taps? Will the taps be hackable? Will Bud Light hire techies to bust in and bankrupt Coors? So many questions here.  You guys know I’m not cool with doing a post like this unless the content is worth it. At this point I’m all-in on this beer war. Sure, I’ll throw you guys at Coors a free post you didn’t even have to sponsor. Here’s your commercial space.

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