Bama Grad Hannah Brown Is Next Bachelorette

University of Alabama grad Hannah Brown is the next Bachelorette and something tells me we will soon find out if she’s able to marry (or get engaged because they don’t even marry on this show these days) a guy who just might have allegiances to a different college football team. Something tells me ABC throws in a bunch of ringers who are Georgia, Florida, Ohio State, USC, Texas and maybe even a Michigan football fan.

This upcoming season of Bachelorette will have my attention — not the the point to where I’ll watch, but I’ll be here for the social content that comes out of it. Will Hannah Brown select finalists who fit her college football allegiances or will love win out over football? We’ve never been down this road that I know of, especially with an Alabama contestant. She’s the first from Alabama.

Hannah is Miss USA Alabama 2018 so the state is her life. Will she fall in love with a Vols fan? Is that even possible? What about an LSU fan? What about Auburn? Remember when Katherine Webb, an Auburn grad, fell for AJ McCarron? So many variables in play here. Please ABC, put an Auburn ringer into the mix. I’m begging.

Did I mention Hannah loves Golden Retrievers? The guy that sweeps her off her feet better be ready to love dogs and Bama football.