23 NSFWBDs React To Russell Westbrook Vs. Jazz Fan

We now have a Russell Westbrook vs. Jazz fan debate for all the debate shows to debate because that’s what the NBA has become — wait for something to debate and then debate that topic until you get a new debate topic and then maybe twist two debate topics into one bigger debate and then keep debating it.

Russ says he was disrespected and it might’ve even had a racial undertone to the taunting during Monday’s game in Salt Lake City. Of course the Jazz fan has a different version of events and here we are left with the NSFWBDs to bring clarity to the situation. This is what makes the NSFWBDs great — I can go to them and get their analysis and I don’t even have to give any. I just sit back and let the BDs go to town and it’s fun.

I have seen a few national talking heads saying fans need to be held accountable…blah, blah, blah. Look, as long as it doesn’t cross some imaginary line of decency, talking shitt should be left alone. It’s part of the game and the players should stop being so sensitive. If the guy went racial and someone heard it, kick him out for the rest of the season. If it was just basic smack, let it go. This isn’t very hard. NBA guys don’t want fans to not be able to talk a little shitt from time to time. That would be a bad move from NBA guys.

Let’s go to the he said vs. he said:

This allegedly came from Jazz fan’s account before he deleted it:

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