27 NSFWBDs React To D.K. Metcalf 40 Time

It was the 40 that all the grown men were waiting for from Columbus and it came from super human workout legend D.K. Metcalf, the wide receiver out of Ole Miss that reportedly has just 1.6% body fat on his 6-3, 228 frame. And then Metcalf broke off a 4.33 40 and left grown men rock hard over yet another insane number out of this 21-year-old phenom that is about to resurrect Al Davis from the depths of wherever he went after dying.

And it’s not just the middle-aged white guys who are in awe here. The same goes for the NSFWBDs who can’t believe what they’re seeing out of this Metcalf guy. They’re throwing out T.O. and Megatron comparisons. Some say it’s Julio Jones on PEDs, growth hormones. Others just can’t believe there is a comparison out there — they’re just stunned.

There are BDs who are willing to throw it all away in the Draft just to get this freak on their teams. It’s going to be fascinating to see if yet another workout freak can actually turn into a star in the league or will Metcalf be all workout, no hands in a league where you can look like Josh Gordon, but you better be on the field and producing. Some BDs are worried that Metcalf might be too in shape. It’s a valid concern.

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