Hoodie & Linda Enjoying The Offseason — For A Day














Bill Belichick’s NFL Combine duties are over and that means there’s finally time to spend with girlfriend Linda and apparently that means it’s also golf time for the GOAT. Not sure I knew that Hoodie hit the links — I’d love to see video of his golf game. I just can’t believe that his game would be that great because of how much time he spends in the film room. Literally no time to play.

That said, he’s probably so methodical with the game that he shoots in the mid-80s via a dad drive down the fairway, an iron in, maybe a wedge and a two putt bogey. Throws in a par here and there and has a decent round.

Linda writes:

So happy to be reunited with this guy! #GladTheCombineIsOver#TimeWithMyGuy ❣️#ItsALongFootballSeason#ItsStillNotOffSeason 😂

If you think she’s lying about it still not being the offseason, take a look below at the Pro Day schedule that’s about to take off and run all the way until April. Bill’s simply fitting in a day of golf with Linda here. There’s still work to do as he and Tom chase another title before getting close to the end of Tommy’s run and inevitably feels like the end of Hoodie’s run. Bill turns 67 in April. Maybe three more years, a couple titles and then he takes the boat fishing and enjoys the golden years? I hope not because he’ll be replaced with a guy who is way less fascinating as this guy.


Bill’s about to have a busy schedule. Of course he’ll have Bret Bielema on the road to most of these:

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