Meet Hannah Perera – Australian Travel Junkie

I’ve been doing a bunch of Instagram Discover searching lately, mostly for IG supermodels from Australia who just don’t get the kind of recognition as the American IG women who don’t do much and end up with like 3 million followers and then sell me a bunch of fit tea and act like they’re single so you guys get sucked in to the storyline that she wants you. Guys, these IG supermodels are all taken. Just go to the holiday pics and you’ll find out.

Anyway, today we go to Australia and meet Hannah Perera out of Sydney, Australia. She calls herself a “travel junkie” and does all the typical travel that IG supermodels end up on. I didn’t look, but I assume Hannah has been to Qatar and Tulum. Those tourism boards have spent a fortune. I was just talking to a buddy of mine and he said Qatar just offered up a trip to him, but he’d rather suck down beers in his garage.

I’m not sure how many more Instagram supermodels the travel industry can support, but it just keeps churning along and it looks like Hannah is on the A-list for travel offers. She needs to have a strong 2019 & maybe make a move to Los Angeles, get a spot on the Price Is Right, start dating a member of the Angels and jump on a rocketship to 1MM followers.

[50 questions with Hannah Perera – Husskie]

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