Camille Kostek’s Hips Are Getting Cyberbullied

You know what pisses me off more than anything on the Internet? When I open Instagram and I see Camille Kostek, Gronk‘s girlfriend, in a very vulnerable situation, bawling her eyes out because her hips are being cyberbullied by some of the biggest scumbags you’ll ever come across on social media. Absolutely ridiculous and some of the most shameful stuff I’ve ever seen was posted by bully women to Camille’s social accounts and she provided receipts on IG Story.

By now you guys know I’m Team Gronk from day one and I never thought there would be a day in his 20s when Gronk would actually have a girlfriend. I was around during the start of the #TeamJB days. In fact, I coined #TeamJB. Those who know #TeamJB, just know.

Anyway, when Gronk finally went public that he had a girlfriend and it was Camille, damn right I knew she had to be a really good person and fun. Gronk might come off as a meathead, but that’s one of the smartest guys you’re going to come across. He’s not going public with a relationship unless Camille is gold. That’s why I’m beyond disgusted at how women have treated Camille for being honest about her body and showing other women that it’s perfectly fine to not look like every other IG model who is suddenly on vacation in Tulum and repping tea in her kitchen.

Gronk & Camille produce FIRE content and damn right I’m going to support this tag team of fun. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on those who took shots at Camille’s hips. You must live a really miserable life. So she has big hips.


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