Kailyn De Los Rios Gets The Weekend Started, Bam Margera Goes TF OFF & Florida Man Promo Night

Nuggets-Warriors late should be a nice high-scoring game with the ball being launched from all over the court. I’m starting to feel like I’m a Nuggets guy this year. I like the way they score. Something about them has me intrigued. It might be the big European guy in the middle. It looks like he’s goofing off half the time and it’s fun to watch. The Arnold Palmer rolls on this afternoon on Golf Channel. Lefty will be up to his normal fun antics. And I’m sure there’s an important college basketball game or two.

β€’ Kailyn De Los Rios takes us into the weekend…comin’ in hot!

β€’ Bam Margera going TF OFF on his manager in public and it’s on video

β€’ Here’s the 4-foot tall basketball guy who’s dominating

β€’ Minor league team will host ‘Florida Man’ promo night

β€’ Paige VanZant gets spot in SI swimsuit isssue

β€’ Florida Man can’t stop breaking into Taylor Swift’s house

β€’ This NY Man gouged out his grandmother’s eyes over $1,000…overdrew her account

β€’ Here’s Colombian Ariana James

Watch This Young Lion Get After It Video of the Day

Giannis EATING on both ends pic.twitter.com/k4H5rCbw7c

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) March 8, 2019

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