ESPN Erased Bill Simmons From Video

via Twitter

I still can’t get over the fact that ESPN ran a video from the MIT sports nerd summit and went to such a petty level that they clearly eliminated Bill Simmons from the shot because he’s Mr. Former ESPN and they didn’t need him in the shot since Adam Silver was speaking and that’s all they really cared about.

What the hell is going on here? That’s how petty things are at a multi-billion dollar company? Did you think the Internet nerds wouldn’t figure it out, call you out and then destroy you for doing it? Are you really that stupid? Of course Bill Simmons’ nerd followers were going to call you out and say that it’s the typical trash ESPN move being such babies that you can’t show a former ESPN employee getting a response that you desperately wanted to use.

I’m fully aware that this works right into Bill’s hands — me vs. the Big Bad Bully — and he’ll use it to fire up the base, which makes it all the more dumb for Get Up! morons to do it. Use the clip, don’t crop Simmons, don’t mention him and go on with business discussing whether NBA guys are all depressed because social media has drained them.

Speaking of drained, someone stick a fork in Get Up! End it already.

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