Nats Fan Rally Mullet Burns His Bryce Harper Collection

via Rally Mullet

It’s something you don’t see much out of baseball fans — burning jerseys and collectibles acquired during an era when a player was beloved in a certain city. Nats superfan Rally Mullet fired up Periscope last night, in the snow, and burned his Bryce Harper collection during an impressive video that included a flaming Bryce doll held up like some satanic ritual, but it was just Rally letting the emotions out after being dumped.

Bryce took the 13-year, $330 million contract to move up I-95 to the hated Phillies and there’s no use in Rally keeping his gear. The era is over, there’s no going home now. You can really feel the emotions coming out of Rally here. He gave his all to Bryce and this is how it ends. The guy just goes and rips out Rally’s heart.

Rally starts off by ripping a shirtsey during his opening statement and then moves on to other clothing, before ending the video by saying the Nats don’t need Bryce Harper. I just appreciate Rally here for spicing up baseball a bit. I still haven’t watched a Spring Training game, but I’ll watch Mullet stand in the snow and do this any day.

Here’s video of Rally Mullet burning his Bryce Harper memories…over just like that:


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