Pete Davidson & Kate Beckinsale Tongued At Rangers Game

How do I know we’re living during wild times? Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson were tonguing at a Rangers game this weekend and it was clearly done so the cameras would catch it and put it into the tabloids. Is Kate Beckinsale, 45, this down and out that she has to make some headlines with weirdo boy, 25, who does one bit on Saturday Night Live and then goes and pounds poon up and down Madison Ave.?

According to the NY Post:

The duo was spotted sitting behind the Rangers bench inside the arena, where they also shared a kiss. Unfortunately for the Rangers, Beckinsale and Davidson didn’t bring the home team much luck as they fell to the Capitals in overtime, 3-2.

Page Six exclusively reported in January that Beckinsale and Davidson got flirty at a Golden Globes bash. They also reunited Saturday for the “SNL” afterparty.

Tongue action! Have some respect for yourself, Kate!

Has to be a couple things going on here:

• She feels her career needs a bold move in 2019

• He has a monster dong these ladies can’t go without

• He has connections

• He’s so funny the ladies cannot help falling for him

• These women are so weak that they go for the Gen Z kid who looks like death

By the way, the Rangers lost 3-2 to the Capitals in a shootout. Something tells me these two weren’t around for the ending.

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