Donald Trump Feeds North Dakota State Football Team McDonald’s & Chick Fil A

via ABC News

When Donald Trump fed the Clemson football team McDonald’s, Wendy’s and a bunch of other garbage fast food I had a problem with it. Today, Trump wheeled out real fast food for the North Dakota State football team by calling in an order from Chick fil A, a legit meal for national champions. See, I can be fair and balanced here. You provide nearly all-you-can-eat spicy chicken sandwiches from Chick and I can give you a compliment.

Throw in some of the honey roasted BBQ sauce and you have a party. North Dakota State was at the White House today for winning the FCS national championship and getting their special meal. Think about these DI-AA athletes trying to pay for fil A out of their own pockets — you’re not going very often to get those glorious sandwiches.

Trump said today about the meal, “We had the Clemson Tigers here and I did the same thing. We could have had chefs, we could have, but we got fast food because you know what, I know you people very well.”

It’s not like fil A is on campus…these guys have to go 4 miles!

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