Texas Man Choke Slams Some Punk Who Interrupted His Wedding…It Was A Bit

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A couple of Texas wrestlers teamed up for quite a wrestling bit over the weekend at wedding where the two concocted a bit where one guy acted like he was showing up and going to stop the wedding. One thing led to another and the groom, Nick Boulanger, choke slammed his opponent through a table in the middle of the room. It was a beautiful bit for those of us who appreciate #BillsMafia work and old school Kane bits where he slams opponents through a table.

From Nick, the guy who got married:

Last night our wedding went off without a hitch. Until Alex’s ex @steveauxreneaux showed up and tried to put a stop to the wedding… There was only one possible way to resolve the situation 😏

More from the NY Post:

“We’ve been engaged for a while and we wanted to put our own stamp on it, we didn’t want it to be one of those typical weddings where it’s all romantic and then you have the dance,” Boulanger, a 30-year-old IT project manager, told People.

“I like professional wrestling, so I’ve been wanting to do it for a long time.”

To pull it off, Boulanger teamed up with local wrestler Steve Patin — whose stage name is Steve O Reno — to create a script for the reception. Patin would play Bravata’s ex-boyfriend who wanted to crash the wedding and win her back. The two men would then duke it out for her affection.


Good luck to the married couple:


Hey Edge, catch some of this choke slam punk!


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