Did Johnny Manziel’s Wife Bre Tiesi Cheat During Half Marathon?

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Johnny Manziel’s wife, Bre Tiesi, has responded to haters who seem to think she cheated during a recent half-marathon, the Divas Half Marathon on February 16 when, as the haters claim, Bre ran the final 6.7 miles in 26:54.  Bre took to Instagram on Wednesday to answer to these claims and wrote out a long response where she says there weren’t people checking in times during intervals and that she was just there as a race ambassador and that the haters need to move on in life and get over her half-marathon performance.

Guys, this is the kind of drama that the internet was made for. There are people tracking down maps, times, splits, etc. These marathon people take this stuff seriously and they’re not happy when splits don’t make sense and seem fake. Let’s get to the haters side of things.

From Let’sRun.com:

According to the race’s timing website, Bre covered the first 6.4 miles in 1:31:29 (14:15 min/per mile). However, she didn’t record an 11 mile split but ended up at the finish (13.1094 miles) in 1:58:22. That defies logic. That would mean that Bre ran the final 6.7 miles of the half marathon in 26:54 – which is faster than any human has ever run for 6.7 miles as it averages out to be 4:00.7 per mile pace.

Here’s Bre celebrating the end of her race…her defense to the haters is below:


Bre responds to the criticism and claims that she’s lying or got in a car to finish the race:

I have no clue who to believe here. One side says you didn’t record an 11-mile split while the other side says there wasn’t a person at the marker to check her in. It’s the perfect blend of conspiracy drama and it all went down on the day when Johnny was banned from the Canadian Football League. What a week for the Manziels.











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