Buffalo Man Accused Of Scamming Super Bowl Pool Players, Faking His Own Kidnapping

via NBC2

Police say Robert A. Brandel of suburban Buffalo got himself in too deep with a Super Bowl squares pool that he ran and it got to the point where Robert faked his own kidnapping in an attempt to make it look like two men tied him up & stole $16,000 from him that was from Super Bowl squares he had sold. It was a bold strategy, but it all unraveled quickly once the cops started digging into his claim.

From WGRZ:

They say they found Brandel in a blue Ford F-150 with a rope tied around his neck attached to the headrest and his hands and duct tape around his ankles.

Brandel’s vehicle was processed for possible evidence.

Troopers say Brandel told them that on February 25, he picked up two men that were involved in his Super Bowl squares. He claimed they entered his vehicle with a pistol and took $16,000 cash he had from the Super Bowl squares.  He then claimed the man made him drive around the area against his will and tied him up in the back seat and left him in the parking lot.

Troopers say their investigation discovered Brandel’s story was fake and that he had been running a $50,000 payout for the Super Bowl pool.  They say he made up names on the squares in hopes of winning and take home most of the winnings, and wasn’t able to make most of the payouts.

Look at what I just put in bold. Those were some expensive squares Robert was selling there. It’s no wonder he had to use fake names to get it filled. And just think that he might’ve pulled off this heist if it wasn’t for a low-scoring Super Bowl that left people with squares wanting some scoring so they could make back a couple bucks.

Instead, now Robert is in all sorts of trouble and something tells me he’s spent all of the profits. Such a shame.


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