Johnny Manziel Has Been Banned From CFL

Johnny Manziel has officially been banned from the Canadian Football League, according to a press release out of Montreal where the Heisman winner was playing in 2018. Now, he’s been kicked out and his days in Canada are finished. Of course that brings up the question of the AAF or the XFL. The smart money here has Johnny going XFL even though Vince has said he doesn’t want guys with questionable character. Of course not, but he also finds himself with a bunch of money invested here and needs a TV star to sell games.

From the Montreal Alouettes:

Less than a year after signing his first CFL contract, Johnny Manziel’s tenure in Canada has come to an end.  The Montreal Alouettes have released the international quarterback based on the direction of the Canadian Football League after it was found that Manziel had contravened the agreement which made him eligible to play in the league.

The CFL has informed all of its clubs that it will not register a contract for the former Texas A&M pivot should any club attempt to sign him.

“We are disappointed by this turn of events. Johnny was provided a great deal of support by our organization, in collaboration with the CFL, but he has been unable to abide by the terms of his agreement,” said General Manager Kavis Reed in a statement. “We worked with the league and presented alternatives to Johnny, who was unwilling to proceed.”

“We are confident going into the 2019 training camp with a roster of quarterbacks that had played in our system last year and are committed to our team,” added Reed.

I’m reading that statement as Johnny officially being banned from Canada. It’s probably pretty hard to get banned from the CFL. Something tells me he had to get out of a contract to get to the XFL and made sure that happened. It’s also a good time to say that Johnny has been way too quiet on social media. I’ve been wondering what it’s all about. There’s definitely something cooking behind closed doors.


The @MTLAlouettes have released QB Johnny Manziel.


— CFL (@CFL) February 27, 2019

The XFL is a year behind here….they need to play catchup…enter Johnny:

AAF on NFL Network 2/23-2/24:

Saturday 8p: 491K (last week 424K)
Sunday 8p: 515K (last week 425K)

— SportsTVRatings (@SportsTVRatings) February 26, 2019

I’m still waiting for Browns fans to thank me via Venmo for pretty much running Johnny Manziel out of Cleveland.

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) February 27, 2019

There was a time when Cleveland fans threatened me with physical assault for my Manziel blogging. Now they have a franchise QB for the next 18 years & Browns fans don’t even offer to buy me a beer as a thank you. Smh.

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) February 27, 2019