Baker & Saquon’s Spring Break Rolls On, Brett Favre Throws A Laser, Plus Some Classic Vegas

Here we go with another year of hand size dominating the headlines

From Pro Football Talk:

There’s confidence in the Kyler Murray camp that his hand size will come in at over 9.5 inches today.

Just do a search for ‘make hand size bigger’ and you’ll see that there are all these theories on how to make a hand bigger. I’d love to know if Murray has been doing any of these exercises. Using a stress ball…using a barbell like the wack dot coms suggest.

Numbers from :

Went to bathroom and a guy took my machine, I came back and he insisted that I take it back. I told him he has great gambling karma heading his way and he hits this!

— cris (@lasvegascris) February 27, 2019

Stuff You Guys Sent In & Stuff I Like:

Absolutely no doubt in my mind guy could step onto a field this Sunday and throw for 250 and 2 touchdowns

— Not My President (@KingFavre) February 27, 2019

Hardo couple‘s license plate at the gym today

— Wyn, Patron Saint of Jameson (@SaintWyn) February 27, 2019

@bustedcoverage Wilt watching @NevadaHoops
TJ Smith (@ChiliTj) February 28, 2019

@bustedcoverage Slow news night…
Curt Goodwin (@CurtOU) February 28, 2019

tfw you go to eat your hallway pizza and get told you’re in the live shot

— Mike Uehlein (@MikeUehlein) February 27, 2019

Just made a whiskey drink

— Bunkie Perkins (@BunkiePerkins) February 28, 2019


— Vintage Las Vegas (@summacorp) February 27, 2019

Downtown Las Vegas about 100 years ago, looking west over Fremont St.

— Vintage Las Vegas (@summacorp) January 18, 2019