Baker Mayfield & Saquon Barkley Are Vacationing Together In Turks & Caicos With Their Girlfriends

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YES! YES! YES! We needed a crew of NFL guys to make the offseason fun and it turns out that Baker Mayfield and Saquon Barkley are in Turks and Caicos on a couples spring break like you used to see out of the PGA bros before they all got engaged, married, etc. You remember those PGA Bros trips from Rickie, Justin, Spieth and Smiley. They were fun, but the guys never brought the girlfriends along for the debauchery.

As for Baker and Saquon, they’ll have Baker’s future wife Emily and Anna, Saquon’s baby mama, along for the ride. Gotta be honest here, I’m intrigued by a couple of possible future NFL legends getting their careers started with a little vacation. Think this speaks volumes for how Baker handles his business because he could clearly be a guy who goes off and does his own thing, but here I get the impression he’s setting all this up. Saquon comes off as the guy who wouldn’t say no while Bake is the tour guide, setting up all the boating and whatever else you do in Turks.

Browns fans have to be loving this. They finally have a guy on their side who isn’t a complete jerkoff and seems to be the fun guy without hanging from Drake’s dicc. Just a couple of guys who enjoy hanging out, talking about life in their early 20s and how they’re going to be dominating the NFL for the next 8 years (for Saquon) to 20 years (for Baker). Let that sink in for a minute — the Browns QB is 23!!!! If he gets on the TB12 training regimen it’s possible this guy plays for 20 YEARS. Many of us will be dead and Mayfield will still be the quarterback.

Anyway, I’ll be watching this vacation and keep you guys updated.

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Saquon Barkley’s baby mama Anna:

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