23 NSFWBDs React To Robert Kraft Arrest Warrant News

I know you were super shocked by the news today that Robert Kraft is caught up in what’s being called an international sex ring that was operating out of Jupiter, Florida and Kraft is facing an arrest warrant for soliciting a prostitute who just might be an Asian held against her will. Crazy, right? You know who got confirmation that Robert Kraft is now one of them? The NSFWBDs. Nothing has done more for Robert Kraft’s street cred than getting caught up in this whole thing.

The BDs might not know about the whole sex prisoner thing associated with this story, but they know that Kraft was allegedly paying for sex acts which doesn’t really make them blink. If anything, the BDs say it all makes sense since Bob was hanging with Meek Mill and all that stuff.

As for the quality of these comments, this might be one of the most electric BDs of the year. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kraft is turned into multiple tracks on future rap albums. It all just adds up right now for Kraft and the BDs.

Folks, this is how you tweet:

$59 is way to much bread to spend on pussy. Nigga Kraft need to start fuckin fat bitches. Bottle of chili could get you the ass during these modern times

— Stogie Carmichael (@varsityforlife) February 22, 2019