Texas Softball Coach Attacks Grandma Who Recorded His Son Giving Her The Middle Finger

via KHOU

Would you be shocked if I told you a Texas softball coach is up for an assault charge after going after a grandmother who recorded his son giving her the finger at a recent game? Of course you wouldn’t be shocked. It’s 2019 and you can’t possibly be shocked over a coach throwing it all away — his coaching career — over such an incident. That’s exactly what has happened to coach James Schmidt who flipped out on the 59-year-old grandmother who was recording the whole thing.

You might remember I was just asking people to share stories about people behaving badly at sporting events. Now we get to see it in action thanks to Mr. Schmidt.

From KHOU:

“He wanted to fight. He didn’t care who he was going to fight. Whether it was a 40-year-old man or a 60-year-old woman, it didn’t matter,” said Edwards.

The video evidence was enough for Harris County Constables to charge Schmidt with assault.

Edwards has been going to the same fields for the past 40 years and says this is the first time she’s ever felt threatened. She encourages Schmidt to do what’s right and turn himself in before making matters any worse.

“I hope he gets some help as a person. I feel really sad that he has to go through this, but he cannot be abusive to little girls, parents, other people that don’t do what he wants them to do. He’s a bully,” said Schmidt.

Schmidt has been barred from coaching and from softball fields in Harris County, according to the Cy-Fair Texas Sting Memorial organization.

Watch the video and you’ll notice how Edwards seems to be behind the action, goes to the front, gets the kid flipping her off and then it’s on.

From Donna Edwards on Facebook:

Watch this video closely and tell me how I became the bad guy. The Intruders coach, Sean St Clair, sent my daughter an email today telling her that I was not allowed at any Intruders functions. He said I was disrespectful. I admit that I did talk to 2 parents yesterday and probably hurt their feelings. I am pretty sure that me telling them the truth instead of what they wanted to hear might have hurt their feelings. I did nothing illegal and did not say anything that was not true. The head of the Intruders organization asked that I take the video down. Why? That man has been charged with assault and bodily injury.

Lane can’t come to the Intruders games because he pulled that man off of me? I am pretty sure any man worth 2 cents would have done the same thing if a man tackled his mother like that. Then the guy started punching Lane. What was he to do? I saw NO ONE from the Intruders Organization try to help me. They acted like I was the criminal. So now. What do y’all think. Is this retaliation? Is it fair? Lexi, my 11 year old Grandaughter has decided to quit the team she has been on for 3 years. Does anybody stand up anymore? If you want a copy of the email that Sean sent my daughter let me know. And does anyone know a good lawyer?


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