Florida Woman Arrested For Attacking Boyfriend After He Denied Her Sex

I just don’t get some of these women in 2019 or in recent years that think us men are a piece of meat and they can demand sex anytime they want it. Absolutely ridiculous! And I’m starting to see more and more of these stories — usually out of Florida — where the woman gets all belligerent after being denied going to bone town. Now Samantha Jewel Hernandez is the latest to go on a rampage after being denied bone.

We can go back to 2015 and this story of a Florida Woman who stabbed her boyfriend at like 6 a.m. after getting denied. Or there’s this Florida Woman from just back in 2018 who allegedly put a knife to her boyfriend’s face after being denied. Florida Woman…you need to settle down and wait for the random, one night a month sex like the rest of us.

From The Smoking Gun:

The victim, 21, told police that Hernandez “wanted to engage him in sexual intercourse,” which he declined. “Hernandez was angry at the fact that [the victim] did not want to have sex and began attacking him, striking him in the face and ripping his shirt.”

Cops noted that the man had scratches on his face and neck and was wearing a torn shirt. Hernandez was then arrested on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge based on her boyfriend’s statements and “injuries observed on scene.”

Of course she proceeded to cause a scene with the paramedics and spit on a cop. Just an absolute disaster here for Sam. This all went down at around midnight Sunday. The boyfriend probably had a long Sunday, probably had to work and was totally exhausted. Hey ladies, we’re used to hearing it from you. Time you start giving us a little respect at that time of night.

This is Samantha Jewel Hernandez from a 2018 arrest:

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