Let’s Check In With Sean McVay On Hawaiian Vacation

















Yep, looks like Rams head coach Sean McVay is enjoying his Hawaiian vacation (guy told me he saw Sean get off a plane in Hawaii the other day) with girlfriend Veronika Khomyn. Looks like Sean’s hair is still on point. The beard stubble is looking good. Looking like he’s getting a good pump in while at the resort. Looks like the skin is perfectly bronzed. And Veronika is looking good like normal. Made sure to get the rack in the shot like a real pro’s pro.

Look, am I jealous of this life that 33-year-old McVay has carved out for himself? Sorta. Here’s the thing I can’t get over: I bet he sits there looking out at the ocean and can’t get certain work situations out of his head. I picture NFL head coaches not being able to live in the moment. I picture the same for Belichick when he’s laying face first on the back of his Florida boat. I picture the same when Andy Reid sits in his recliner with a bowl of caramel popcorn.

I think that would be miserable. Sure, being the hot NFL coach gets you Ukrainian models who are actually loyal to you. They’re not totally just into your money. But I still think McVay is super focused to the point where he doesn’t hear the seagulls on the Hawaiian coast. Maybe I’m wrong, but I just get the feeling Sean is obsessive about football. Put me in this situation and I’m raging, waking up at like 9, grabbing a healthy AF breakfast and then heading to the pool to rage again.

Guess that’s why I’m into blogging and Sean is going to be coaching in the NFL for the next 35 years.

via Veronika Khomyn/IG Story
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