Kyle Kuzma’s All-Star Break IG Girlfriend, Mike Leach Is Up To His Ways & Bilas Talks To Red Panda

Here we go….UNC at Duke….Dookies…Zion…UNC making the short drive….9 p.m. on ESPN. You’ll also get Louisville at Syracuse and a bunch of games from there, but the NBA is still taking a vacation. TNT is back at 3 ET with UEFA and NBCSN has its usual NHL doubleheader. You know what I’m starting to crave? Spring Training games on MLB that I care about for about two innings because it’s all sunny and I suddenly feel better by looking at blue skies. Not much longer before the balls start flying.

Looks like Kyle Kuzma is enjoying the NBA break with this IG model

Jerry Kill takes a shot at PJ Fleck…uh oh

Mike Leach has a new Twitter account for his Insurgent Warfare & Football Strategy class

Jimmy Rollins is asking $12 million for this pad

Jay Bilas interviews Red Panda

Bangladesh bans porn & gambling sites….screw that place! 

Introducing…AI robot TV anchors…your local TV news anchor could get replaced with this

Here’s Mikayla from Western University

That Has To Be Embarrassing When Your Pet Gets Loose At The Airport Video of the Day

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