Clemson Should Expel The Student Who Set A Screen On Trevor Lawrence

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As a Bengals fan I can’t tell you how great it felt this morning when I laid eyes on Trevor Lawrence showing off a bad boy streak during a rec center basketball game where some Clemson student decided it would be smart to put a screen on the Clemson national championship quarterback. You know how many times Andy Dalton went bad boy over some rec center hero trying to pull a stunt like this? NEVER.

Of course the rec center heroes came out today complaining that Lawrence is being a baby about the incident, but they know setting screens in this scenario is a cheap rec center move. They are only defending the Clemson student because they think the national champion quarterback should be able to handle the scenario. I think just the opposite — Lawrence did what many guys would do in that situation…GTFOM.

It’s probably a little bit of a hot take to say Clemson should expel the student for setting a pick on the best quarterback in the history of the school, but this is pure business. It’s time for the kid to at least be suspended and sent to a community college to think about how he handled himself here. Lawrence is about to make this school an absolute fortune with the ACC Network and another national title game. Show some respect here.

Show your god some respeck:

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