Sean McVay & His Girlfriend Seem To Be Enjoying Vacation

Sean McVay’s girlfriend Veronika Khomyn was nice enough to give us all a look this weekend into how McBae has been spending his post-Super Bowl vacation in an undisclosed tropical locale and it sure looks like the NFL power couple is getting rested up after a long grueling run to the big game. Sean recently turned 33 and we all know that 35 is when the test will be dropping so it’s very important to get these vacations in now while the body is in peak physical shape because the days are coming where things aren’t going to look so great on IG Story.

As for Veronika, this is a great time to pump out some content and have Sean play IG photog. That’s his Super Bowl L consolation prize. Look, if you’re going to fail so bad offensively in the Super Bowl, at least have a hot Ukrainian model to vacation with after the terrible performance. Sean is doing it right. I wouldn’t stop with this trip. He’s definitely going to want to get another one in before the Combine. Really take advantage of this time in life. Soak it all in. One day you’ll wake up married, with kids, and a millionaire, but you’ll wonder what happened to the good times of island living and chasing tail. It’ll hit him, I promise.

BTW, did you see his mentor doing it up big this weekend? See below.

Great camera work here from McBae:

Bill showing Sean how it’s done:

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