Eliza Cummings Space Shoot, Putin Doing Coed Judo & Buy Julian Edelman Beard Trimmings

All-star weekend! Here we goooooooo…and yet another NBA Dunk Contest that has four contestants and then you’ll have all the big names sitting in the front row acting like they’re too great for the dunk contest, but they’ll want the cameras on them reacting to dunks with their fingers over their mouths, the ‘Ooooooo no you didn’t’ look you get out of these guys. I’ll pass. You’ll also get a bunch of pretty big college basketball games like Buffalo at Toledo tonight on ESPNU. Is it possible the MAC could get two teams into the NCAA if Buffalo loses in the MAC tournament? Very possible.

Eliza Cummings does some space-like shoot or something that looks like it was done on Bilzerian’s plane

Putin doing coed judo

Guy uses Colts blowup mascot costume to make proposal on local TV

Buy Julian Edelman beard trimmings

Jalen Hurts squatting huge lbs.

Alabama man arrested for jerkin’ it in a Florida Walmart

Let’s meet Dane Cook’s girlfriend — how does this guy still get hot chicks?

Here’s Norwegian snowboarder Hilde Osland

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