Cops: Utah Woman Throws Pretzel Machine At Worker During ECHL Game

via Salt Lake County Jail

It was supposed to be Utah Grizzlies Fight Cancer night Friday in Salt Lake City, but it turned out to be a possibly drunk Brittany Marie Vigil throws a pretzel machine at a concession worker and then caused a huge scene night during an ECHL game against the Kansas City Mavericks, which ended in a 4-3 Grizzlies victory. Fans were allowed to stick around after the game to write names on the ice, but Brittany was headed to the Salt Lake City drunk tank after the pretzel machine incident.

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

A 29-year-old woman is facing a number of charges after she reportedly threw a pretzel machine at a Maverik Center vendor during a Utah Grizzlies hockey game on Friday, then assaulted police officers as they arrested her.

According to a probable cause statement, Brittany Marie Vigil threw the pretzel machine at the employee “in an attempt to hit her” and pushed three other employees. An off-duty, in-uniform West Valley Police officer working security during the hockey game and said Vigil was “yelling” and “rambling about things that did not make sense,” and that “the distinct smell of alcohol radiated from her mouth.”

Trust me, I tried to find evidence if this was a Dollar Beer Night. That’s more Cincinnati than Salt Lake City. I’d also like to know if Brittany is on the Keto because getting drunk on the Keto is a whole new experience and you can go from zero to throwing a pretzel machine at a worker very fast if you’re not careful. One minute you’re enjoying a nice buzz, the next minute you’re launching (for example) a 38-pound pretzel machine. That’s not the pretzel machine she threw. The Salt Lake cops didn’t include a photo of the pretzel machine in their incident report.

If she was drunk, it might be time for Brittany to reel it in a little bit. Clearly she went way over the top with this behavior and probably guaranteed she’s been banned from ECHL games in Utah. This could be really bad news for Brittany because Utah is currently 4th in their division. Pretty much guaranteed she’s going to miss playoff games.

When officers tried to put her in their patrol car, she kicked and dented the door. As she exited the car at the jail, she “kicked one of the jail staff in the groin”

Do you have video of Brittany throwing a pretzel machine? I’d love to see it. Lmk. @bustedcoverage or [email protected]


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