Fan To Matt Kuchar At Genesis Open: “Go Low Kuch, Go Low. Just Not On The Gratuity!”

And here we go with fans making fun of Matt Kuchar at golf tournaments. It didn’t take long for a fan to bust out a taunt for Kuchar’s tipping habits after it came out that he gave his fill-in caddie a $1,000 tip after winning a $1.296 million tournament in November. Scrooge McKOOOOCH doubled down this week and pretty much said the fill-in caddie was ungrateful and should be happy to get a tip at all.

Let’s go to the 6th hole at the Genesis Open: “Go low Kuch, go low. Just not on the gratuity,” a fan said and it was picked up by a TV mic.

And now here we are with what’s going to be a story all season — how Matt Kuchar is a cheap fraud who uses the classic smile routine to turn himself into a lovable figure, a golly gee everyman. This whole thing was avoidable, I’ve said it like four times this week. You give the guy $50,000, change his life, send out a PR email to ESPN, get TV time, turn it into an emotional moment, your brands get all sorts of free TV time and a housewife tells her husband she wants Bridgestone tires on the SUV. Instead, he’s getting trolled.

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