Max McIntyre Gets Valentine’s Day Rolling, Poop Johnson Gets CFL Deal & Bill Russell Blows Out Candles

Uh oh, look who just might be making a big comeback

From the Press of Atlantic City:

Casino gaming revenue continued to surge in the first month of 2019 with a reported increase of nearly 20 percent bolstered by online and in-house gains, according to figures released Wednesday by state regulators.

Atlantic City’s nine casino properties reported $220.6 million in total gaming revenue in January, according to the state Division of Gaming Enforcement. The figure represents a 19.7 percent increase compared to the first month of 2018, when seven operational properties reported $184.3 million in total gaming revenue.

I’m not even sure what AC looks like these days. I spent several days on the shores back in the early 2000s and there were several casinos on the boardwalk that I understand are closed now. It wasn’t very impressive then and I assume it’s not very impressive now. It was fine when I was first learning to gamble and there were some places like the Taj that was pretty cool back in the day. Turns out that’s now a Hard Rock casino. Might have to visit now that the city is rebounding to do some degen boardwalk people watching.

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Thanks to my wife for all the work she put into my cake, candles, not so much 😂 Glad we had the 🔥 extinguisher on hand #85&StillAlive “Every day I wake up ABOVE ground, is a good one” #BillRussell@NBA @NBAonTNT @celtics @TwitterSports @BleacherReport @SLAMonline @TheCrossover

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@bustedcoverage LBJ in the house tonight at the @Jackets_Hoops game.
Jon Carroll (@jnc1233) February 14, 2019

@bustedcoverage support local business #handjobs
Bless ‘M (@Cultice) February 14, 2019

@bustedcoverage They have my attention…
lanaevoli (@lana_evoli) February 13, 2019

@bustedcoverage people at Walmart have important messages!

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@bustedcoverage ……and this guy can’t hold a sign the right way
Augustine (@Augustine8) February 13, 2019


— Jason Rogers (@HeyJayJRogers) February 13, 2019

Chris Long: not a fan of Valentine's Day 😂 @JOEL9ONE

— The Checkdown (@thecheckdown) February 14, 2019

That egg bake isn’t ruined. I’ll eat that

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) February 14, 2019

“Well you see, when James Harden needs more points, this is automatically ruled a goaltend because…well it just is” – NBA refs

— Someone's An Idiot (@SomeonesAnIdiot) February 14, 2019

Assman strikes back: Denied licence plate, Saskatchewan man emblazons 'offensive' last name on tailgate

— National Post (@nationalpost) February 13, 2019

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This post was amended on 15 February 2019. In an earlier version, we said that this was the first photo of the black leopard in a century. It was the first professional camera trap photo of a wild black leopard in Africa. The wild African black leopard is the stuff of legend but a British wildlife photographer has taken the first professional camera trap photos of the animal in Africa. @willbl captured the images at the Laikipia Wilderness Camp, Kenya after hearing reports of sightings in the area. He set up a Camtraptions camera trap that has wireless motion sensors in the hope of photographing the animal at night. In his blog, Burrard-Lucas described the moment he returned to his cameras to find the striking images. “As I scrolled through the images on the back of the camera, I paused and peered at the photograph below in incomprehension", he says. "I couldn’t believe it and it took a few days before it sank in that I had achieved my dream.” The leopard's sooty black coat is a result of melanism, the opposite of albinism, and this region is the only known spot in Africa where they exist. Photos: @willbl/Burrard-Lucas Photography/Camtraptions camera trap

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Denver residents react to news of Broncos acquisition of Joe Flacco

— Denlesks (@Denlesks) February 13, 2019