Tim Tebow & His Future Wife Step Out, Devin Brugman Still Destroying Australia & Papa John Heel Turn

I like how this guy thinks…let the dealer show him the winner

From KTNV:

A lucky table game player on the Las Vegas Strip is now a millionaire after hitting a progressive jackpot. Kevin Ripski from Ontario, Canada, became the first winner of the Sands Millionaire Progressive jackpot at the Venetian hotel-casino on Feb. 1. He was playing his favorite game Caribbean Stud when the dealer flipped over his cards revealing a royal flush.

Ripski said he enjoys playing “blind” so the dealer can surprise him with his cards while he relaxes and watches TV during the game. “I let the dealer flip over my cards, so it’s a surprise at the end of the hand,” Ripski said.

BOOM — $1,114,079 jackpot.

Numbers from :

To understand how devalued Venezuelan currency is … this was payment for lunch for four, roughly 30 bucks #venezuela pic.twitter.com/HMcJGHaVPY

— Manuel Bojorquez (@BojorquezCBS) February 11, 2019

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When 23 point lead dwindles, and cocky, jersey wearing Duke guy is right behind you.
You’re right ma’am, Duke is a 🖕 seed. @JOXRoundtable pic.twitter.com/lpwqlliF1u

— Jim Dunaway (@jimdunaway) February 13, 2019

Papa in UK gear

Not sure who likes this less…UL fans or UK fans pic.twitter.com/Zw9WYU1Y1l

— Matt Jones (@KySportsRadio) February 13, 2019

Klay Thompson’s finger does not look good.

The Warriors are in HUGE trouble being down to just 4 All-NBA players pic.twitter.com/KgeXZC8eS2

— Eric Rosenthal (@ericsports) February 13, 2019

2putt shakur pic.twitter.com/hZzQ5swS1d

— Calhoun (@linkcalhoun) February 12, 2019

fan gets elbow-dropped through a table by Super Grizz with Mick Foley standing by pic.twitter.com/iGYv6jnKTA

— Rob Perez (@WorldWideWob) February 10, 2019

Some lottery winners want to remain anonymous but one person is going viral for taking that to a whole new level. :) https://t.co/glL0g6l9qT

— WNEP (@WNEP) February 12, 2019

Steelers fans already burning @AB84 jerseys.. 😂🍿pic.twitter.com/gzSiitTPH9

— Elite Andy Dalton (@EvilAndyDalton) February 12, 2019

Not too shabby, Nevada. (h/t @AndrewRothbart) pic.twitter.com/k7PqxoVjnC

— Vital Vegas (@VitalVegas) February 13, 2019

Teachers picketing outside William Roberts Elementary in Denver. pic.twitter.com/c5NCxD5Z0L

— Stephanie Daniel (@stephd323) February 11, 2019

Circus Circus 🎪 Sports Book 🤡 🍭 #Vegas pic.twitter.com/2QxEOETwxP

— Tommy Lorenzo (@sportsbooktom) February 12, 2019

Congrats to Gilbert who hit the Mega #Jackpot on Let it Ride for $715,953.69 at @PHVegas! pic.twitter.com/CFKq61JYq8

— CaesarsEntertainment (@CaesarsEnt) February 11, 2019

@bustedcoverage Nice to see Loul Deng traded back to the Heat in the first ever post-deadline, mid-game trade pic.twitter.com/D1p28DgTo6

— Mike Sale (@msale18) February 13, 2019

Dam, another error. pic.twitter.com/VoXqLHOBgk

— ABC7Error (@abc7error) February 12, 2019

Bill Cosby's spokesman says the comedian thinks prison is an 'amazing experience.' >> https://t.co/UHxT3UXgnG pic.twitter.com/oF1pBnZrOp

— KTNV Action News (@KTNV) February 13, 2019