Mercedes Terrell Gets Valentine’s Eve Rolling, John Riggins’ Wife Is Mad & Patrick Chung’s Super Bowl Scar

I fell asleep watching the Westminster Dog Show, Mrs. BC kinda woke me up, then I went to the couch, kept watching the dog show for like 5 minutes and then woke up at like midnight and went to bed. Not a bad little birthday night for myself. I’m well rested and ready for another night of college basketball, NBA, NHL and that will be about it since it’s the same thing just another night. Little BC has ninja class so we’ll go do that, try to stay warm and then I’ll fake care about some basketball later.

Mercedes Terrell gets the pre-Valentine’s Day Dump rolling along

John Riggins’ wife…a lawyer…is going after the NFL

Here’s Patrick Chung’s Super Bowl surgery scar

What is this strange Ohio State Twitter account up to(?)…accuses gymnast Shawn Johnson of cheating

Kyle Busch & his son play Mario Kart in their driveway, get ready for the 500

Oklahoma TV station fires Weather Woman for noose brain teaser

This Florida Man ran over his neighbor for using a leaf blower

Here’s Megan Seymour from Washington State

He Had It All Along…Of Course The Woman Thought He Was Going To Get Hurt Video of the Month

Chicken Wings of the Day

Josephine Skriver Destroys Pool For Lincoln’s Birthday, AAF Values Its Balls & Repo Man Gets Terrance Williams
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