Josephine Skriver Destroys Pool For Lincoln’s Birthday, AAF Values Its Balls & Repo Man Gets Terrance Williams

LSU at Kentucky and Duke at Louisville? Are you kidding me ESPN? I’m buckling up for this double dipper. And then I get Jazz-Warriors late night! See, now I’ll watch that one. It reminds me old school Western Conference basketball from way back in the day. Like way back. You’ll also get Michigan State at Wisconsin. It’s going to be a big night for basketball. Or Blackhawks-Bruins on NBCSN. I’d love to try to be passionate about regular season hockey, but I can’t get into the grind of it all. Maybe if I didn’t have kids, a wife, a dog, a job, etc. I’d be able to sit down for hours of hockey and enjoy it.

Josephine Skriver destroys a pool & I mean she DESTROYS it

WWE Paige says she’s devastated over sex tape release

The AAF values its balls…how much?…they fined Trent Richardson for doing this to their ball(s)

Cowboys WR Terrance Williams get a visit from repo man, loses his Hellcat

Lane Kiffin…not a big Transfer Portal Guy

Vice Media chairman is supposedly a Vegas big timer…Vice is expecting $50M in losses this year

This Florida Man arrested for doing dirty things to a Husky & recording it

Here’s Rach Mostafa from USC

Barry Bonds Didn’t Want Any Video of the Week

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