Meet Ally From FSU

I quit posting Florida State Instagram models for a long time because I felt like you guys were burned out and had become numb to everything FSU. That changes tonight with Ally, a Florida State KΔ who enjoys Jimmy Buffett and Kenny Chesney shows, the Eagles, Skynyrd and of course some country performers you’ve heard of before. It was the classic rock and Grandpa Jimmy I wasn’t expecting to see on Ally’s IG playlist, but it’s refreshing.

Normally these IG models are throwing out names of mumble rappers I’ve never heard of and could never sit on a beach at sunset and listen to. Good for Ally liking an old fashioned beer drinkin’ song or two. Ally also seems to love a good gameday party and needs the Seminoles to get it together because 5-7 isn’t going to get it done even at a party school. Did you see those empty seats midway through the season? FSU students will not accept going through four years of school and not having at least one run to the Final Four. Ally and her KΔ ladies don’t deserve 7-6 & 5-7 seasons.