25 NSFWBCs Analyze Valentine’s Day Eve

Plot twist! You guys didn’t think I would bust out a NSFW Black Chicks on Valentine’s Day, but here we are and you’re damn right I’m glad I went down this path because it’s about time the NSFWBCs had their say on some of these big topics that the BDs normally dominate. And I have to say right away that that BCs brought it today as they prepare for 24 hours of Valentine’s Day and all that it encompasses.

Before you start judging, there are plenty of BCs that don’t care about the national holiday one bit and they’ll be working just like the rest of you BDs who don’t have time for petty roses and chocolate. They’re too busy to even grab dinner with one of you. And they sure as hell aren’t down for your games this year. They’re tired of you saying you’re broke. They’re tired of you pre-Valentine’s Day-ing with your side pieces.

I’m telling you guys, if the BCs bring it like this once a month you’ll be seeing more of them. I really like the enthusiasm they brought to a topic I normally reserve for the BDs.


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NSFWBDs React To The El Chapo Guilty Verdict
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