NSFWBDs React To The El Chapo Guilty Verdict

I’m not even sure what the U.S. government charged El Chapo with in federal court, but a guilty verdict was returned on the Mexican drug lord’s head this afternoon and it’s time to start praying for any and all people who might have to deal with El Chapo’s frat boys after this ordeal is over. Tbh, I’d like to see a gambling line on El Chapo escaping a U.S. prison. Seems like a value bet to me. Might as well throw some coin on that and sit back and see if the lottery ticket hits over the next couple years.

Now for what we’re all here for — the NSFWBDs are not cool with Chapo going down at the hands of the feds. One BD wants El Chapo out and producing so he can keep the drug market regulated. I’m definitely not an expert on the drug industry so I have to take the BDs at the word here on El Chapo’s value to the industry.

The theory is that this means Chapo will get a life sentence. He’s 61, so any escape effort probably has to begin right away since it might take a year or so to pull off. You have to think Chapo already has his best men on the case.

Hate to see Chapo’s wife be left behind without her husband:

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