Bill Walton Ate A Lit Candle This Weekend

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Bill Walton’s stoner antics have been pretty quiet this year because we’re all starting to become numb to the stoner life that Bill lives. We all know about the outdoor showers at his house and the bike. We’ve heard all this stuff and the Pac-12 is horrible so unless you’re a degenerate and staying up late to gamble on west coast basketball, you’ve sorta tuned out Bill at this point.

And then on a Saturday night Bill eats a lit candle on top of a cupcake during a game. BOOM…Bill is right back up the power rankings and we have to keep an eye on him as we head towards March and basketball that matters.

Dave Pasch can’t challenge the guy and then not expect it to happen. Dave, you’re dealing with an old hippie who’s seen and done a couple things in his day. You have to come with a better challenge than that.

Just look at how he wants to destroy that candle:

Let’s go back to some of Bill’s greatest hits:

Red Bull Invades Fenway Park with Crashed Ice Course
Red Bull Invades Fenway Park with Crashed Ice Course
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