Alexis Ren Breaks Out A Book To Get Week Rolling, Bulldog Dominates Westminster Course & Marvin Lewis Makes AAF Debut

Time for some Big Monday action on ESPN from Virginia-North Carolina and Kansas at TCU. Buckle up boys. You’ll also get Oklahoma at Baylor on the Deuce and Penguins at Flyers on NBCSN if that’s your thing this time of year. That’s about it tonight. No AAF action until next weekend. Imagine sports right now if we didn’t have the AAF over the weekend. It would be a mess. The NBA is useless as always and the NFL is officially on its vacation period where guys are off doing things like showing up at the Grammys.

• Alexis Ren & a book get us rolling this week

• Abigail Ratchford’s latest ‘look at me’ push on IG

• MMA Guy arrested for punching his wife in the face (allegedly)

• Bulldog runs agility course at Westminster, steals the show

• Marvin Lewis makes his AAF color analyst debut and it was….

• Florida Woman wins the year with this maternity pic

• TV reporters are still throwing water into the air to show us how cold it is outside

• Here’s UFC Ring Girl Red Dela Cruz

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