AAF Power Rankings: Week One

You thought football season ended after the Super Bowl? You couldn’t be more wrong. We knew the AAF was coming for a long time but weren’t totally sure what to expect. Well, I would call Week One a rousing success. First of all, people watched.

Second of all, there have been some electric appearances from former legends.


Just glorious.

Third of all, there was this electric hit in the very first game in AAF history. The best branding the league could have asked for was this clip going mega-viral and people getting the brutality they love about the game of football.

Finally, and most importantly, you could bet on these games. It’s gonna take some time to figure out who is actually good and how these games are gonna go but betting on football is my favorite thing in the world so I could not be happier.

Week One Power Rankings

Some absolute blowouts in Week One but still some exciting football. I’m gonna rank my AAF teams 1-8 every week and no the rankings will not be strictly based on football.

#8- Memphis Express

When you score zero points in your first ever game as a franchise you are going to get ranked last. Also, their quarterback is Christian fucking Hackenberg and he appears to have only gotten worse since his brief stint with my Jets.

Not great. The Express have a lot to work on for next week.

#7- Atlanta Legends

The Legends scored the first points in AAF history, then only got 3 more the rest of the game. It turns out Michael Vick might not have the same magic as a coach that he had at QB. These guys flat out stink. Atlanta is back to losing.

#6- San Diego Fleet

The Fleet were on the wrong side of the most exciting play of the weekend. For that reason, they are at #6 in the Power Rankings this week. They are also the last of the three teams to not score a touchdown in their first game in the league. They have a lot they need to work on, including finding a QB.

#5- San Antonio Commanders

San Antonio is ranked behind a team that lost because of this picture alone. Your mascot is the Commanders and this is the group of guys you come up with? Absolutely pathetic. It’s like they just went down to WalMart and asked all of the greeters to dress up in costumes from their own store. No intimidation. Do better next week or the winning doesn’t matter, Commanders.

#4- Salt Lake Stallions

The Stallions may have lost but they did put up 22 points and made some electric plays. They have two QBs that can both play ball and Matt Asiata was a back in the league pretty recently so he’s most likely gonna get going as the season goes on.

I think this team is going to be going Full Steed Ahead against some other teams in this league after a tough week one draw.

#3- The Birmingham Iron


Throwing a player with airpods in the hype video is what the AAF is all about. Absolutely electric stuff. Stunting on the poors that aren’t in the Alliance. And of course, they have AAF MVP frontrunner Trent Richardson on the roster, who also had the most Trent Richardson statline of all time in their first game.


#2- Arizona Hotshots

Some are arguing that this is the most complete team in the league but after watching this video they cannot be given the first place title. This is positively revolting. Have some god damn self-respect boys. Also, the Hotshots is maybe the worst name in the league. They need to work on those two things if they want to sniff the number one spot.

#1- MY Orlando Apollos

I decided to back the Apollos before the season because of the Ole Ball Coach and they did not disappoint Week One. They were the only team to score 40 points in their inaugural game and the HBC was putting on a show.

This is why he is the best.

Former Texas QB Garrett Gilbert lit it up for my Apollos.

I can’t wait for Week Two. It’s not the NFL, it’s not college football, but it is a somewhat competitive football league that is played on weekends and can be gambled on. That’s all we can ask for and the AAF is delivering. Let’s have a season, y’all.

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