Lenny Dykstra On Why Linda In His Neighborhood Is Bitching About Him: ‘I’m Not Her Therapist’


Lenny Dykstra is being harassed this week by people in his neighborhood, specifically some woman named Linda, who clearly went to the media to cause controversy and complain that Lenny Dykstra is ruining her once amazing Linden, New Jersey neighborhood. Lenny countered in the NY Post that he took a hellhole dump and turned it into “beautiful rock star.” Now we have a he said/she said raging and Lenny has told Busted Coverage that he’s “not her therapist” and doesn’t know what Linda’s problem seems to be.

Via the WABC report:

“I’m a second-generation Stockton-er,” resident Linda Graham said through tears. “I had the privilege of growing up with original owners of these houses. And this guy comes and ruins their whole entire legacy.”

Neighbors say they were starstruck when Dykstra moved to the neighborhood, but they say the superstar hasn’t been an all-star neighbor and that his home is now used as a boarding house where as many as 10 people have lived at a time.

“I do know that having a rooming house in Linden is prohibited,” Mayor Derek Armstead said. “I’ll take care of it.”

Nails told the NY Post:

“I took an ugly bitch and made her into a beautiful rock star,” the former baseball star told The Post on Thursday.

“Maybe the other houses are jealous that I have the best house now.”

From what I can see on Instagram, it appears Nails has been doing some home renovation and Linda needs to realize that there’s a process to all this when gutting a house. There are workers in and out and Nails appears to be working his ass off to Make Linden New Jersey Great Again. And as for these claims about renting out rooms, WABC should link to those tweets. I can’t just take Linda’s word for it.

Looks like Lenny was following the trash guidelines back in August 2018 when Google drove by. That’s Lenny’s place with the one-car garage. According to tax records, the house sold for $353,076 in 2017:


I’ve been doing new build construction in the BC basement for like two straight years. You know how many bottles of Liquid Nails I’ve gone through? Dozens! Linda could’ve just looked at his IG to see his working hard. Chill TF out Linda.


Nails cleaning up that hardwood:


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