Kara Del Toro Visits Blue Water, Tiffany Trump Checks In & Vince Young Says He’ll Clean It Up After DUI

Ohhhhh look drama night on TNT…it’s Lakers at Celtics. You think Boston fans are going to ride LeBron tonight at 8:15 from the Garden? Nah, no way. It’s also NBA All-Star Game Draft night. Will you be able to handle all of this drama in one night? Buckle up. ESPN counters with Big Ten basketball from Columbus and Bloomington. NBCSN has some sort of X-Games thing going on instead of hockey. You might want to find a movie on Netflix.

• Kara Del Toro goes to some tropical destination

• Let’s check in with Tiffany Trump…I have no idea what she’s been up to

• Vince Young says he’s going to clean it up after 2nd DUI

• Dale Jr. & Dale Sr. fans are mad at baseball team for rebrand

• Here are the Chiefs tax returns…you’ll nerd out on this

• Uh oh…TV anchor and reporter allegedly got all lit & passed out in an Uber

• This Miami house just sold for $50 million…$50 MILLION!

• Here’s Golf Channel’s Alexandra O’Laughlin

Big Bossman Is Not Playing Around Video of the Day

Double Cheeseburger of the Day

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