Charly Jordan Can Sell Me Fit Tea, TV Reporter Feud In Cleveland & Dickie V. Gets Assignment With Hubie

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Me and some neature

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National Signing Day! Here I thought they already did that back in December. And you’ll get a ton of basketball like normal tonight. I’m not sure if any of the games are worth sitting through the whole thing, but you’re probably going to gamble on one or two from the slate just because you’re bored and the wife/girlfriend has been on your ass about what you have planned for Valentine’s Day. Hang in there. You’ll also get Bruins at Rangers on NBCSN. It’s Ninja Night for Little BC. I’ll be out and about and it’s not a bad thing now that football is over. Good to see humans again.

Charly Jordan seems like an IG model who will work as a brand influencer quite a bit

We’ve got ourselves a TV reporter fight in Cleveland

OJ Simpson weighs in on politics from mall parking lot

How a guy won $100k betting the Rams with $250

Dickie V. and Hubie to call a game together

This Florida Woman arrested for (allegedly) beating her boyfriend with frozen pork chop 

OH SHITTT…there’s a flesh-rotting drug in England that’s doing this to people

Here’s Ally from Florida State

Rolling Into The Costco Parking Lot Like….Video of the Week

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Who needs this??

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Double Cheeseburger of the Day

Shelby Chesnes With Big IG Dreams, Inside The Cubs Owner’s Inbox & Buy Blake Griffin’s House
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