Phoenix Super Bowl Party Gets Lit, One Guy Ends Up (Allegedly) Murdered

via Maricopa County Sheriff

Tuesday it was news that a Memphis Super Bowl party ended in gunfire when a guy’s wife made a plate of food for someone at the party. Today it’s 60-year-old Phoenix Man in jail on a murder charge for killing one of his Super Bowl party guests after things apparently got too LIT and shots were fired. Hans Campos told police, “Better him than me” about what went down during the game.

From AZCentral:

Officers found Gregory Simmons, 31, with multiple gunshot wounds. He was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died, police said.

According to a report filed in Maricopa County Superior Court, Campos invited the victim and two of the three other men at the apartment to watch the football game with him earlier in the night. Witnesses told police that Campos was very intoxicated when he invited them to watch the game, and he kept drinking for the next hour, the document stated.

One of the witnesses told police the level of drinking made him “feel uncomfortable,” and he left to go back to his own apartment. The witnesses that remained with Campos and the victim explained to police that Campos would occasionally pull his 1911 handgun and show it off to everyone, the document said.

Eventually two of the three guys who came over to watch the game left and heard gunshots as they were walking away from the apartment. Campos tells police that the guy he killed came after him and since he had prior injuries he was unable to use his fists and decided to blast the guy instead. Look, that’s probably not going to fly in front of a jury. I don’t want to taint a jury pool here, but I think we can all agree the injured fists defense is going to be a tough one to walk into court trying to use.

As for staying at a Super Bowl party where a guy is showing off a gun during a boring Super Bowl, that wasn’t a smart move. I don’t want to pin the blame on the victim, but it’s hard to say that wasn’t a bad decision. You gotta figure this drunkard is going to do something bad since the game isn’t intriguing him.


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